07 Januari, 2010

i love you...

this song for you that always makes me smile.
who raised me from the quiet solitude of this world.
no words can I give to you other than the words "I love you"
thanks my dear, thanks someone special who came into my heart.

Since the day we met it seems like heaven came to me
i’ve got this funny sense of humor that delivers me
is it good or bad that i believe each word you say
it feel that nothing can go wrong in your company

i am honest
not untouchable
i’m a woman but not free
i’m fighting for my honour and i’m not so quickly pleased

i am honest
not untouchable
and i don’t like second touch
but i know that since the day i do it’s gotten out of hand
i love you….

don’t wonder how i know your name it’s wisphered by the breeze
and in a certain way it’s hypnotizing me
how can you size the space that we love in admiration
it is frightening it is something i can see

don’t… i love you…

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